8 Quick Fire Hair Transitioning Tips

Hair transitioning tips for 4c hairAre you sick to death of dry, brittle hair? Totally fed up of trying relaxer kit after relaxer kit, hoping to get a better outcome? Einstein said, ‘The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, but expecting different results,’ and who are we to argue with him?

We know that the word transitioning might send shivers down your spine, but we’re here to help. Follow our top 10 quick hair transitioning tips to get your glow back and get the healthy, happy hair you’ve always craved.

Some factors such as which conditioners should be used can be adjusted depending on what kind of hair you hair (e.g. 4c, 4b, 4a etc) but mostly all tips will apply to you.

Understand What Transitioning Really Is…

Transitioning is the total elimination of the effects of chemical treatments on your hair. If you feel your curl pattern is slowly diminishing day after day and you want it back, transitioning is for you.

Choose A Starting Point To Suit You

There are two main ways to grow back natural black hair.

Whilst being the most radical, the big chop is also the fastest and most effective of the two. Essentially you are cutting off all the damaged ends and starting fresh. For some people this can mean a couple of inches, for others it may only leave them with an inch.

The main things to consider when getting a big chop are:

  • It will keep a consistent hair texture throughout process
  • No ‘waiting period’, hair is instantly returned to natural state
  • You’ll get a totally fresh start

The second method to transition is known as gradual transitioning. This involves refraining from chemical use of any sort as you try to match your weaker, malnourished hair to the texture of your natural hair.

The main points to consider with this method are:

  • Takes longer
  • No awkward adjustment period (great if you can’t deal with short hair)
  • Gradually discover natural hair type

Quit The Chemicals!

Well, you must’ve known this was coming. Without sounding too much like your mother, or your distraught aunt when you showed them the damage… Please stop ruining your hair!

Black hair is beautiful. Natural is beautiful.

And you know what? It’s totally unique to you. I bet you look better sporting your natural curl type than any other style, weave or extensions. Want to know why? Because your hair was designed specifically for you! Do your hair justice, rock those curls, sister!

Avoid Heat Usage

Before you get mad at us and incessantly start preaching that heat isn’t bad for your hair, you’re right. Heat isn’t bad for your hair. But the way you’ve been using it quite possibly could be. If you’ve come this far into the article then you’ve admitted you have a problem – that’s the first step in any recovery program. The next is action! You can’t remove the chemicals from your hair and expect it won’t become even more brittle when applying heat. Your hair is at its most fragile stage right now… detoxing, if you will. Don’t deny your hair this breather. Or you could be at risk of losing it all.

Find The Deep Conditioner That Works For You

If you’re having trouble with this next step, we suggest you book into a free one-to-one consultant with your resident hair stylist rather than working by elimination. Though if trial and error is your only option then try to experiment and see what works for you. We suggest using a deep conditioner twice a month if you’re washing your hair weekly, though you can modify this to suit your wash routine. This will help your hair regain its shine and texture in no time at all.

Protein For Power!

Protein. Protein. And more protein. At such a fragile stage, all you really need to do now is strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips. And what better way to do this than a monthly protein treatment? If you haven’t already heard of hair mayonnaise, we suggest looking into it asap, as it’s a literal godsend.

Though we LOVE protein and the glorious effects it has on your broken hair, we insist you check if your current shampoo/conditioner have added protein in them. If they do, change them immediately, as too much will cause you to be in an endless cycle of breakage and split ends.

Styling For Protection

If you bend a straw past it’s breaking point, what happens? Yep, we don’t need to tell you. So why would you strain your delicate hair into awkward shapes just for aesthetics? Right, you wouldn’t. For everyday, styling why not try twist or braid outs? Or a headwrap could be a good option some days.

Trim Trim Cher-ee

Our last (but best) tip is to regularly hold progress meeting with your hair. For each better growth, trim those ends! The lighter your hair is, the faster it’ll grow. And there’s practically nothing that feels better than to throw a dustpan full of broken ends in the garbage can, right?

8 Quick Fire Hair Transitioning Tips Conclusion

Stop day dreaming over having gorgeously thick natural curls like they do in the books. Or pining over nostalgic photos of how great your hair used to look. It’s up to you to make the change today. We’ve done all we can to put you in good stead – the rest is up to you.